Friday, April 26, 2013

MSC Poesia Bermuda April 2013

I am going to start with the good things we found on this ship. It was absolutely beautiful! The lounges and sitting areas and the dinning rooms were really very nice.
There was always someone cleaning the brass railing. We were on the 12th. deck and had a balcony. The room was about the same size as most but the storage area was really nice with lots of drawers. They had real Italian Gelato that was scrumptious but it cost extra!

We have sailed on Holland America, Celebrity, RC, Norwegian and Carnival.
To date this was by far the worst cruise we have ever been on.

Here's why:
First day on ship:  No one to greet you, had to find your own room
No hand towels in room, when asked why, the answer was " We don't have enough to go around until the laundry is finished"
Glasses in bathroom were dirty.
The rug in our cabin was not vacuumed, there were crumbs all over.

Dirty Rug

No ice and when we asked for some no matter when our request was ignored.
The paper place mat under the ice bucket and glasses was very dirty, looked like it had been used for lots of cruises.
The soap pump in the bathroom (they don't use bar soap ) was not working, we pointed it out to the steward and he just replied it was clogged up! Did nothing to fix it and we did not have hand soap the whole trip.
The first night I got into bed and sunk down about a foot. There was a very large indentation on the mattress. You can see the way the mattress is sagging but when one tries to sleep on it, it gave way to a deeper level. The night was not a good sleep and in the morning lots of pain as I have a hip problem and sleeping in a hole was not fun!

 I went to the desk and told the lady that I had a problem with the bed, I asked her to either give me a new mattress, new room or refund my money. I had a new mattress within the hour, and one would say "wow that is great service, but I say no it is not....that old mattress should have been removed before they sold the cabin to us!

I have never seen pillows like the ones we had....filled with little pieces of foam, they were flat and lumpy and smelly.   The sheets were old looking as was the blanket. I felt like I was  at a Motel 6.
The towels are not nice and soft, but rough and old. Some days we got one washcloth, other days we would get two, sometimes no hand towels only to have the steward rush in and give us some right out of the dryer!
When we left our room and returned the glasses always looked like they had just rinsed them out. They never looked clean and sparkling like on other lines.

The TV had only 2 channels in English...CNN and one other. The rest were in different languages. Movies were not free as on other ships who have DVD's in the room and DVD rentals that are free.
The info on the ship lacks a lot, you get the newspaper but I searched all over for how much the Internet cost and never found it. No one in the cyber room to help.

I found it very interesting that all the shops on this ship were high-end shops. They were very quiet, not too many people wanting $250.00 purses! There were no $10 gifts except for one day on the pool deck they had a sale...if that is what you want to call it and they had a bunch of $10 watches.
We had to search to find the Gelato, it was never mentioned in the daily newspaper. The Gelato was great but it cost extra.
Room service was very slow sometimes our room would not be made up until after lunch. It looked like they had way too many rooms for each steward.

On other cruises we have always enjoyed breakfast in our room but the menu was so bad that we gave up and said we should just go to the buffet.
The selection for the breakfast was milk, yogurt, tea, bread,rolls
toast, Rice Krispies, Muffin, Brioche, Fruit juice, Coffee, Hot chocolate, Rye bread, Corn Flakes, Muesli, Croissant,Jams, butter.

Muffins were day old and dry!

Toast was ice cold, butter would not even melt!

The breakfast buffet was the same every day....boring. The beverage areas were always lined up and often they ran out of coffee??? Who runs out of coffee? I have never seen this happen on any line!
The iced tea was the same at lunch often there was no ice tea or no ice!

The staff in the buffet were as friendly as a snake...they never made eye contact. It was always noisy and crowded. Hard to find a seat many times and the isles were narrow so people had a had time carrying food to the tables without running into someone else.

One of the worst things I noticed was that the hand sanitizers were sitting off to the side of the doorways and most people did not even use them. It was a self serve buffet, so everyone touched the spoon handles, can you imagine how may germs were on those handles?  We used a hand sanitizer at the table after we got our food so we could prevent from getting sick. I even saw a lady stick her finger in a roll to see if it was fresh and then walk away!

The dinner was interesting, we sat at a round booth with out friends. There were eight total.
The waiter never introduced himself, he was cold and indifferent. The silverware was not set up on the table other than a knife and a fork. No spoons...I saw many stirring their coffee with knives!
If you ordered soup they would have to bring you a spoon! We spent time passing the dishes to the waiter from the back of the booth. That is not a good place to sit!

Water glasses sat empty, I like to have water with my meal but every night I ended up with an empty glass waiting for a refill.
The bread was served at the beginning of the meal and then we never saw it again,  so if you like bread take two at the beginning.
As for the food, it was bland and uneventful. Nothing to write home about. The pizza was OK and they had hot dogs and hamburgers every day at the buffet. One day at the end of the lunch time I saw them covering the left over hamburgers with Saran wrap....were they going to serve them again?
Many times it looked like they had used leftovers for the dishes and only people who have been on many cruises and good cruise lines would notice that. If this was your first cruise I am sure you would have a different idea of what it was all about.
The coffee at dinner was old, as a coffee drinker for many years I know what old coffee tastes like! Disgusting!

The desserts on this line are atrocious, I have never seen such poor choices!

The shows were boring, same people doing the same dances and I mean the same moves but with different costumes and stage setting! They did have three acrobats but after seeing them twist themselves into unthinkable positions one time, it was enough but they were there every night!
The Theater is beautiful and I mean beautiful...until you sit down and find out that all the seats are broken down and you feel like you are slipping forward. Very uncomfortable!

They changed the order of our stops on the cruise and left hours earlier than we were supposed to out of Bermuda, we still don't know why.
We were  docked at Prince George Wharf in the heart of downtown Nassau. Once you leave the pier, you will walk directly into Rawson Square, which is the center of town. However, in Hamilton we docked at sea and had to tender into town, the water was so rough that we just stayed on the ship and saw many that did the same. They had some injuries due to the rough seas.

That night at 6 pm they moved dockside.
The excursions were high priced and few and far between so we went out on our own. We visited Hamilton and took a ferry and a bus to the town of Saint George.
The day we got off the ship we noticed that our color tag was at the end of the line. We had to get to the airport or we would miss our plane, so we just got up and followed the group that was going out at the time way ahead of the time we were supposed to leave. There was no problem and we got right out and made our flight.
Had we waited until our color was called we would have had a big problem!
One thing I thought was interesting was that the waiter who had never introduced himself, treated us with indifference the whole time and even pushed my husbands chest back from the table so he could put the napkin on his lap the last day of our cruise, had the audacity to ask us to give him an"Excellent" report on the card they left in our room.
So all in all would we ever go on MSC again? 
Not in this lifetime, there are too many other lines that are far better and the cost is the same or better!